Zuma Elberta Bouchard (Diller)

Lives in Concho, AZ

Relationship to Dema Marie Diller (Ford):
 Zuma Elberta Bouchard (Diller) is the third of four children born to Dema Marie Diller (Ford) and Elmer Samuel Diller
Birthday: December 13, 1942
Married:  William Lee Benjamin (1938-1987)
Wedding Date: December 24, 1970
Remarried: Ronald George Bouchard (1936)
Wedding Date: August 10, 1993
Education: Graduated from LPN training in Lima, Ohio; Later received an RN degree while living in Florida
My Occupation(s): Worked as a nurse for over 30 years
Places I Have lived: Ohio, Florida, Wyoming, Nevada, Arizona
My Hobbies: Weaving, Spinning, Knitting, Crocheting, Sewing, Quilting, Reading, Card-making, and Miniatures
My Other Interests: President of the Twisted Thread Fiber Guild; Queen Mother of the Seasoned Cinderellas of Apache County;
Coordinator for 3 groups:

  • Hook & Needle through the Community Center
  • Designing Women, a sewing/quilting group
  • Book Club at the library

I also sing in a group called Wings of Joy.
Spouse Hobbies: Ron collects old cars. He has 5 antique cars and 1 truck. Taking care of them keeps him busy. He searches for old Navy buddies and holds reunions.
Children: 3 stepchildren
Grandchildren: 2 step grandchildren


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