Raymond Allen Diller

Raymond Allen Diller of Wisconsin

Raymond and Elaine Diller

Relationship to Dema: Fourth and youngest child born to Dema Marie Diller (Ford) and Elmer Samuel Diller
Birthday: September 29, 1946
Married: Elaine Elizabeth Eisenhart (September 24, 1947)
Wedding Date: November 23, 1968
Places I Have Lived:
My Occupation(s) past and present up to and including retirement:
My Hobbies/Interests:
Children: 4
Jonathan Edward (11-23-1970) ~ Spouse, Tressa L. Host (10-24-1970)
Kristin Elizabeth (7-24-1972) ~ Spouse, Todd Swanson (10-13-1963)
Dianna Lynn (9-9-1973)
David Samuel (8-13-1977)
Grandchildren: 5 (2 adopted)
Jaden Evan Diller (9-30-2004) ~ son of Jonathan Edward Diller
Madeline Elizabeth Swanson ~ (9-24-2001) daughter of Kristin Elizabeth
Jordan Richard Swanson ~ (11-24-2003) adopted son of Kristin Elizabeth
Sophia Swanson ~ (10-11-2007) adopted daughter of Kristin Elizabeth
Caleb Allen Diller ~ (10-12-2000) son of Dianna Lynn

Great Grandchildren (if any): please give full name(s) and birthday(s)

Interesting Story:

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