Darrell Vincent (1912-1976)

Darrell Vincent Ford (1912-1976)

This page is dedicated to the memory of the late Darrell Ford and Juanita Ford (Baughman).
Darrell’s Birthday: August 19, 1912
Darrell’s Date of Death: October 7, 1976
Darrell’s Place of Death:
Juanita’s Birthday:
Juanita’s Date of Death:
Place of Death:
Wedding Date:
Number of children: 4
Patricia (mo/day/yr)
Darrell Vincent Jr
William Carlton
Sandra Kay (mo/day/yr)

If any of the children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren, and friends of Darrell and Juanita would like to share a memory you can post it in the comment box below.

We look forward to hearing from you.


1 thought on “Darrell Vincent (1912-1976)”

  1. I was especially fond of my Uncle Darrell. He always seemed to be around as I was growing up. I remember a time back in 1969 when he showed up unannounced at my first home in Lantana, Florida. Larry and I had married in 1966. After college in Illinois, we moved back to Florida and bought our first little home.
    It was a real treat to open the door to my Uncle Darrell that day. He was kind-of a foot loose and fancy free guy. His daughter, Patricia and her husband, also visited us while we lived on Tulip Tree Drive in Lantana. Of course, his daughter, Sandy and I were very close in age, so we were good friends.
    Uncle Darrell has been missed. It would be nice to bring him back and tell him how much I appreciated him – something I failed to do while he was living.
    Jacklyn Moore ~ daughter of Darrell’s brother, Paul.

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