Zuma demonstrates weaving on a loom

In 1998, after moving to Arizona, Zuma Alberta Bouchard (Diller), third child of Dema Marie Diller (Ford), took up the craft of weaving. “I am using the loom mom used and have her spinning wheel that was passed down through the Diller family,” remarks Zuma in a May, 2012 letter she wrote to her cousin, Paula Painter (Ford). She has entered her handwoven items in fiber art shows locally and at conventions in Durango, Tucson, and Casa Grande.

Zuma helps Emma Ackerley with some of the finer points of fiber arts

As a member of the Twisted Threads Fiber Guild, Zuma uses her talent to demonstrate hand-spinning, weaving, and various other needlecraft tecniques to the public. The Guild is especially interested in inspiring the younger generation to learn these crafts.

The late Dema Marie Diller using the antique spinning wheel now in the possession of her daughter, Zuma Bouchard

Zuma plans to attend the upcoming Ford Family Reunion in August, 2012. She might even bring one of her projects for a doorprize.

One question remains; what family member will be the next owner of the antique spinning wheel?