Children of Paul Willette and Margaret Lucille Ford (1950)
Left to right ~ Paul Jr, Jacklyn, Paula, and Barbara
Daniel, born in 1951, not pictured

My memories of Grandma and Grandpa Ford are good memories. We often spent time at their house on Sunday afternoons. Everyone took food to add to what grandma fixed. They had lots of grandchildren and we would all run around and play mostly hide-and-seek. One year grandma made each of us pajamas for Christmas. What made them so special was that she sewed them by hand. I was only nine or ten years old at the time and was quite impressed. She didn’t have a sewing machine; probably because grandpa was a preacher and there wasn’t enough money for such luxuries. During the summers I loved staying with grandma and grandpa for one whole week. Grandma was a country woman and worked hard. She collected rainwater in a barrel and used it to wash her hair. I remember as if it were yesterday brushing her long hair while she sat on a chair near the garden. Summers were special! I don’t remember as much about grandpa and although he did spend time with us, my memories aren’t as warm and fuzzy as those I have of grandma.

by Barbara Jean Miles (Ford)