Left to Right - Judy Williams, Mary Braun, and Penny Ford

I’ve known that cousin Penny Lee Ford has traveled all over the country singing and evangelizing for the past 40+ years. But, I have never had the privilege of attending one of her events.

Recently, while talking with her on the phone, Penny graciously offered to send me the CD, “We Will Give The Glory To Jesus” recorded by The Victory Trio in 2004 before Judy, their key speaker, was called home to be with her Heavenly Father.

Penny is not only a talented pianist and singer, but she has written many of the songs used in her ministry, including the song for which the above CD was named.

Please take a moment and listen to The Victory Trio singing “We Will Give The Glory To Jesus.

Penny’s 89 year old mother, Aunt Lila, has been traveling with Penny and Mary since the untimely death of her youngest daughter, Judy Joann Sheidler (Ford), in 2011.