Can’t remember the year, but one Halloween, my sister, Paula and I devised a senister plan to trick Grandpa Ford, which Dad eagerly approved. Disguising ourselves, dad drove us to Grandpa Ford’s house to trick-or-treat. With watchtower pamphlets in hand we pretended to be jehovah witnesses. Grandpa’s reaction was not exactly one of acceptance considering he had spent most of his life as a holiness preacher. Our dad was hiding in the bushes listening and chuckling. Grandpa really wanted to get rid of us, so before he could slam the door we revealed our identity. He laughed and invited us inside. At that point Dad climbed out of the bushes and that Halloween evening the three of us enjoyed a good visit with Grandpa and Elzora. We probably left with a handful of candy, but can’t remember for sure.

by Jacklyn Jay Moore (Ford)